Keep reloading this page and we'll show you boards that some of our customers have assembled.

Click one you like, then swap colors or graphics and add some custom text to make it your very own. The text can be your name, school, slogan, license plate, phone, or anything that marks your place in the skimboarding universe.

If this isn't personalized completely enough -- you are welcome to send us your own photo or graphics, and we'll create a special one-off board just for you. Or your kid, or your cousin, or your girlfriend, or your team. These make great gifts or prizes.


Our site currently has over 4000 custom combinations.
With your own artwork the customization potential is truly unlimited.

We also have a wide range of board shapes and weight classes to suit every type of rider. Our manufacturing operation has introduced the TWIN TIP concept and the new Hyperbolic prototype to the skimboarding world. We are pioneering optimal shapes, while others focus on light weight. Skimboards don't have enough flotation to matter much. They are built to GLIDE.

These are rugged boards, MADE IN THE USA, with excellent quality craftsmanship and materials. They carry a one-year warranty. We ship anywhere in the world. For more details just click any board above! Our custom boards will not disappoint.